Monday, May 2, 2016

So today I am deciding on what classes to take for college, and I have decided that I am going to play basketball in college. Even though I have not played since my sophomore year I am going to start working out and play my freshmen year in college. I feel like the only reason I did not play basketball throughout high school is because I just needed a break. I needed a break from all the stress that is basketball. I get so stressed playing basketball that my grades start to slip, which is not good because then my parents complain about that as well. Even though I love my mom and dad very much they have a tendency to be judgmental about basketball. I can always be doing something to make myself better, which I do agree with. I just can't focus with school, and what little of a social life that I have to play basketball. When I go to college though I am going to be totally focused on school and probably not have a social life so why not play basketball. I love basketball it just isn't my number one goal in life, but I would love to play again.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The amount of stress basketball has brought me over the years has literally drained me, if it weren't up to me I know my parents would make me play. All I want to do is sleep I hate playing and I use to love it. I hate it because of my parents I know they want me to do good but I just cannot play anymore I am not having fun. I use to love the game, the smell of the rubber of the ball, the feeling of dribbling. Don't get me wrong I do love to play but the entire reason why I don't anymore is because my parents turned it into one big competition. I always had to be better than my cousins and if not I needed to work so much harder to get there. If I wasn't the best or first I wasn't working hard enough. It got so bad that I was failing half of my classes because 'Basketball always comes first'. So even if I did work my butt off I couldn't even play because my grades were so bad. That is exactly why I do not play basketball anymore.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

When I was younger I always loved playing basketball with my dad, and family. I learned so much when I was growing up because of all the teaching my grandpa, father, aunt, and uncles gave me. Basketball is a big part on our family it is what brings us close together. For example, we played basketball after we got into arguments on Easter, because that is how we fix things. My cousins and I are all trained like this basically if we have scores to settle we play. It saves fighting with people so our family gets over our differences. My family is amazing for teaching me everything they know about basketball, without them I would not have made the team or even wanted to play. They found my love for the game when I was a lot younger and Caitlynn and I were playing outside. After my mom passed away my dad always said I would need something to take my mind of the pain, and that was basketball. So when I was old enough he put me on a little league team to play.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Basketball is a good source of confidence. It gives you the idea to believe in yourself, like Kobe Bryant. Only reason he came up in the topic today was because I am so upset that he retired last night. He made sixty points the whole game, and they won. So even though he left at least he went out with a bang, to bad I never got to see him play live. All I have ever wanted was for my dad to take me to a Laker game to see Kobe. My dads gotten to see him, he even has a ball signed by him, he was so lucky. Now my dad has ordered me a signed basketball from Kobe because he felt bad for not getting me tickets to see him in person. I am definitely going to milk this a little bit to get more stuff from Kobe. I am going to have to find a new favorite NBA player now, this might take a while.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Over spring break my boyfriend Mark, our friends Lucas, Connor, Garrett, Chelsea, and myself played basketball at the park. We played two or three nights in a row and we always played as if these were the real deal. Every game we played Mark and I's team had to win, we'd play our butts off in order to get the 'W'. Mark and I are very competitive couple we are always competing against each other about all sorts of stuff. Therefor we had to be on the same team each game because it would have basically been a blood bath because we would both want to win so badly. Although that made it difficult to beat us together as a team, we work really well together. Anyway, Mark and I were making every shot we took, and we had amazing passes, rebounds, and scores. Being able to share the love of basketball with Mark is utterly amazing. We also played a little one on one which was crazy because we ended up tying. Eleven to eleven, which is great because then we equally won together. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Today I have decided I am going to try out for cheer instead of basketball. In all honesty basketball is just not where my heart is at anymore. No matter what I do though basketball will always be apart of my life because of my family and how much they are all involved into basketball. For goodness sake my grandma bought all of the grand kids a basketball a piece. Then she bought each one of the boys a specific basketball jersey of their favorite team. She buys my grandpa a different signed basketball every year for basketball, she has for the past four years. My cousin and I don't really like getting basketball stuff anymore, for this year she got us Ivory Ella shirts. Which because they are shirts we got to look at them and try them on to make sure they fit. Back to basketball my grandparents are probably taking us to a pacers game for Easter was well. I cannot wait to see the Pacers play!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Basketball is a team playing sport, two teams play with five plays each when on the floor. Usually each team has like around 15, 16 people on each team. It takes usually around two to three people to coach a team, meaning you have to have a coach to run by plays and another to talk to teammates along the side. When I was younger and my grandpa coached my eighth grade basketball team he and one other person were the only two that coached. Basketball was/still is my grandpas passion, he says before he retires he will have wanted to successfully coach each one of his grand kids on a basketball team. Which he has almost worked his way through all of us, he coached myself and my cousin Caitlynn during our eighth grade years. Which he also coached Caitlynn when she lived in Marshall and played for them. Then he is currently coaching my cousin Casion and my little brother Brody at the Rec for a little league team. He also helps my uncle Jason coach his city league team which holds my other cousin Carri. Which only leaves three kids left that he has not coached which would be Karson, Konner, and Hunter. My grandpa says he will do it, no matter what each grand kid will be coached by him at least once.