Thursday, January 7, 2016

When I was younger, probably fourth or fifth grade my dad and I use to go watch all the high school games. I wanted to be just like all those girls playing on the court. I started playing basketball my sixth grade year, I was on city league and I played for the tigers. I only got to play one year, because I waited so long and city league only went to sixth. I then tried out for the mayo seventh grade basketball team and I made it. I worked my tail off to become a starter on my team, and a starter for eighth grade as well. When I got into high school I did not play my first year, and I regret it all the time, the coach at that time was not very nice. I played my sophomore year and I loved very bit of it, basketball has always been my favorite sport. Going into my junior year, I am not playing basketball and it makes me very upset considering I wish I played all four years. I promised myself that I would play my senior year, no matter what happens I am playing. Basketball just makes my life easier to understand, and without it I am honestly lost.

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