Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Would you say basketball is only a boy sport? There use to be a lot of guys that only thought basketball was for them. Girls were not any where near as tough as them to play it. In my own opinion, I believe that girls basketball is more aggressive then boys. I once played in my teams last game that decided if we went to regionals or not, and dribbling down with the ball I tripped over this girls feet and we both landed in a heap for the ball. When she got off of me, she started punching me in the stomach, because I purposely landed on her. Yes, boys games are just as rough and tough as girls, I just believe girls is just as tough. When I was younger I took an elbow to the face, with a little bloody nose and a fat lip I kept playing. Basketball itself is just a rough sport, you either have to a tough boy or girl to play it. Either gender can play some better than others.

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