Monday, February 29, 2016

Basketball is a great sport, with a good source of exercise and team great team work. When I was in the eighth grade our basketball had team building meetings to teach better team work skills so that we would play better. To make a basketball team better than the next the team has to have trust in each other, and my team did not. Our team was the kind of team that believed we could do it all by ourselves little did we know we all needed each other. We did not follow directions very well, our trust for our coach and our team sucked. Also the team was out of shape. To turn our team around a parent suggested that we have team building meetings to get closer and more trusting of our team members. We then started practicing harder, and we started trusting people. What went from playing five games and only winning won, went to playing five games and winning three of the five. Basketball changes us girls into the players we are today, and that is the best reward of all. Even if some of us do not play anymore the game gave us good life materials to help us be better people in this world.

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