Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Today I have decided I am going to try out for cheer instead of basketball. In all honesty basketball is just not where my heart is at anymore. No matter what I do though basketball will always be apart of my life because of my family and how much they are all involved into basketball. For goodness sake my grandma bought all of the grand kids a basketball a piece. Then she bought each one of the boys a specific basketball jersey of their favorite team. She buys my grandpa a different signed basketball every year for basketball, she has for the past four years. My cousin and I don't really like getting basketball stuff anymore, for this year she got us Ivory Ella shirts. Which because they are shirts we got to look at them and try them on to make sure they fit. Back to basketball my grandparents are probably taking us to a pacers game for Easter was well. I cannot wait to see the Pacers play!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Basketball is a team playing sport, two teams play with five plays each when on the floor. Usually each team has like around 15, 16 people on each team. It takes usually around two to three people to coach a team, meaning you have to have a coach to run by plays and another to talk to teammates along the side. When I was younger and my grandpa coached my eighth grade basketball team he and one other person were the only two that coached. Basketball was/still is my grandpas passion, he says before he retires he will have wanted to successfully coach each one of his grand kids on a basketball team. Which he has almost worked his way through all of us, he coached myself and my cousin Caitlynn during our eighth grade years. Which he also coached Caitlynn when she lived in Marshall and played for them. Then he is currently coaching my cousin Casion and my little brother Brody at the Rec for a little league team. He also helps my uncle Jason coach his city league team which holds my other cousin Carri. Which only leaves three kids left that he has not coached which would be Karson, Konner, and Hunter. My grandpa says he will do it, no matter what each grand kid will be coached by him at least once.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Today I went and played basketball with my cousins, at the Rec. I have never truly understood how much I missed playing, the feeling I get being on a court. It's unbelievable when I play, I mean yes I am not as good as I was way back when. Just playing with them today made me rethink trying out for basketball. Basketball is where I can forget all of my problems and just think about playing. I miss playing so much, I know I ramble on a lot about basketball but I honestly just love it so much. I hope I can get the courage to try out again, I am very nervous of looking silly in front of people. My dad would be so proud of me if I tried out again, that is literally all I have ever wanted. I'm going to try out, and if I fail, I fail at least I will be trying my hardest. Which is all my dad ever wanted was for me to try hard.