Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Today I have decided I am going to try out for cheer instead of basketball. In all honesty basketball is just not where my heart is at anymore. No matter what I do though basketball will always be apart of my life because of my family and how much they are all involved into basketball. For goodness sake my grandma bought all of the grand kids a basketball a piece. Then she bought each one of the boys a specific basketball jersey of their favorite team. She buys my grandpa a different signed basketball every year for basketball, she has for the past four years. My cousin and I don't really like getting basketball stuff anymore, for this year she got us Ivory Ella shirts. Which because they are shirts we got to look at them and try them on to make sure they fit. Back to basketball my grandparents are probably taking us to a pacers game for Easter was well. I cannot wait to see the Pacers play!

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