Friday, March 11, 2016

Today I went and played basketball with my cousins, at the Rec. I have never truly understood how much I missed playing, the feeling I get being on a court. It's unbelievable when I play, I mean yes I am not as good as I was way back when. Just playing with them today made me rethink trying out for basketball. Basketball is where I can forget all of my problems and just think about playing. I miss playing so much, I know I ramble on a lot about basketball but I honestly just love it so much. I hope I can get the courage to try out again, I am very nervous of looking silly in front of people. My dad would be so proud of me if I tried out again, that is literally all I have ever wanted. I'm going to try out, and if I fail, I fail at least I will be trying my hardest. Which is all my dad ever wanted was for me to try hard.

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