Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Over spring break my boyfriend Mark, our friends Lucas, Connor, Garrett, Chelsea, and myself played basketball at the park. We played two or three nights in a row and we always played as if these were the real deal. Every game we played Mark and I's team had to win, we'd play our butts off in order to get the 'W'. Mark and I are very competitive couple we are always competing against each other about all sorts of stuff. Therefor we had to be on the same team each game because it would have basically been a blood bath because we would both want to win so badly. Although that made it difficult to beat us together as a team, we work really well together. Anyway, Mark and I were making every shot we took, and we had amazing passes, rebounds, and scores. Being able to share the love of basketball with Mark is utterly amazing. We also played a little one on one which was crazy because we ended up tying. Eleven to eleven, which is great because then we equally won together. :)

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