Monday, April 25, 2016

The amount of stress basketball has brought me over the years has literally drained me, if it weren't up to me I know my parents would make me play. All I want to do is sleep I hate playing and I use to love it. I hate it because of my parents I know they want me to do good but I just cannot play anymore I am not having fun. I use to love the game, the smell of the rubber of the ball, the feeling of dribbling. Don't get me wrong I do love to play but the entire reason why I don't anymore is because my parents turned it into one big competition. I always had to be better than my cousins and if not I needed to work so much harder to get there. If I wasn't the best or first I wasn't working hard enough. It got so bad that I was failing half of my classes because 'Basketball always comes first'. So even if I did work my butt off I couldn't even play because my grades were so bad. That is exactly why I do not play basketball anymore.

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