Tuesday, April 19, 2016

When I was younger I always loved playing basketball with my dad, and family. I learned so much when I was growing up because of all the teaching my grandpa, father, aunt, and uncles gave me. Basketball is a big part on our family it is what brings us close together. For example, we played basketball after we got into arguments on Easter, because that is how we fix things. My cousins and I are all trained like this basically if we have scores to settle we play. It saves fighting with people so our family gets over our differences. My family is amazing for teaching me everything they know about basketball, without them I would not have made the team or even wanted to play. They found my love for the game when I was a lot younger and Caitlynn and I were playing outside. After my mom passed away my dad always said I would need something to take my mind of the pain, and that was basketball. So when I was old enough he put me on a little league team to play.

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