Thursday, January 28, 2016

Basketball is a great stress reliever, when having stressful days. Sometimes, when I use to play I would have really bad days, basketball was the only thing that would help me get through the day. It makes you forget about all the problems, instead of worrying about all your problems you get to run drills, and plays. Basketball games are also really good at taking stress away, although they add a different level of stress to you. Games never really got me upset though most of the time, I tuned everything out and just played. It was more of a relaxation thing for me like all the problems melted away.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Basketball injuries seemed to always find me, I was probably the clumsiest person ever. I wasn't a bad player, except in practice I usually ended up in the trainer's office with ice on something. I remember there was this one camp we went to and before every game because my ankles were so bad I would have to have them taped. The last day we played, I over extended my knee and had to come home with ice from that to. Even though I got hurt constantly it never stopped me from loving the game so much, basketball did genially pause me or slow my amount of playing. Not playing basketball this year was the biggest mistake I have ever endured in my life. Playing basketball was the best thing that ever happened to me, it is where I met all of my friends. I made really good grades. I regret everyday for not playing this year, it is very depressing in all honesty. It is a very good thing that I will be playing next year, and hopefully I can get back into shape before doing it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Would you say basketball is only a boy sport? There use to be a lot of guys that only thought basketball was for them. Girls were not any where near as tough as them to play it. In my own opinion, I believe that girls basketball is more aggressive then boys. I once played in my teams last game that decided if we went to regionals or not, and dribbling down with the ball I tripped over this girls feet and we both landed in a heap for the ball. When she got off of me, she started punching me in the stomach, because I purposely landed on her. Yes, boys games are just as rough and tough as girls, I just believe girls is just as tough. When I was younger I took an elbow to the face, with a little bloody nose and a fat lip I kept playing. Basketball itself is just a rough sport, you either have to a tough boy or girl to play it. Either gender can play some better than others.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

When I was younger, probably fourth or fifth grade my dad and I use to go watch all the high school games. I wanted to be just like all those girls playing on the court. I started playing basketball my sixth grade year, I was on city league and I played for the tigers. I only got to play one year, because I waited so long and city league only went to sixth. I then tried out for the mayo seventh grade basketball team and I made it. I worked my tail off to become a starter on my team, and a starter for eighth grade as well. When I got into high school I did not play my first year, and I regret it all the time, the coach at that time was not very nice. I played my sophomore year and I loved very bit of it, basketball has always been my favorite sport. Going into my junior year, I am not playing basketball and it makes me very upset considering I wish I played all four years. I promised myself that I would play my senior year, no matter what happens I am playing. Basketball just makes my life easier to understand, and without it I am honestly lost.